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Solvent Resistant Sprayer Solvent Resistant Sprayer

Solvent Resistant Sprayer


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Chemical Resistant Sprayer

The ultimate multi-purpose chemical sprayer at a truly affordable price. No leaks or loss of pressure! Standard pump sprayers have rubber seals which typically soften and degrade on contact with chemicals or solvents, leading to leaks and loss of spray pressure. By contrast our contractor grade chemical resistant sprayer is equipped with tough Viton seals so you can cover large areas safely, accurately and with less mess.

Designed to be perfect for professionals, this chemical resistant sprayer is fantastic for spraying solvent-based chemicals. It can be used with most chemicals including ones that cause lesser sprayers to break and fall apart. This sprayer is capable of delivering a wide range of spray patterns that are consistent, helping to save you time on your project. Its durability and lightweight design make it one of the best Solvent Resistant Sprayers available.

Ideal for application of the following Kingfisher Products:
  • Extreme Climate, Superseal, Siloxane Water Repellent
  • Ultimate Topcoat, K-Seal, Restore-A-Drive, Imprintseal
  • Anti-Sulphate Solution
  • KF8 & KF18 Woodzone & us for details!

  • In a world of throw-away products, this sprayer stands head and shoulders above the competition:
  • Durable construction, designed for the rigours of site-work
  • Improved operator safety
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Save hours compared to roller or brush application
  • Safety valve to prevent over-pressurizing
  • Viton seals, no pressure loss. PE filters, PP nozzles, 2 hoses: one resistant to acids, other one appropriate for solvents and organic substances.
  • Extras included for specific applications: 0.42m extension, fan nozzle with elbow resistant to acids and strong chemicals, disc nozzle for emulsions, oil emulsions and vegetal releasing agents, 0.25m flexible tube and acids hose.
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