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Flexible Roof Coating (Kolourseal) Flexible Roof Coating (Kolourseal) - Stoker Grey

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Flexible Roof Coating (Kolourseal)

Coverage: 4-6 sq m/ltr
Application: Brush or Airless Spray
Selected Colour: Stoker Grey
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Roof Tile Sealant

  • Advanced high-bond, styrene acrylic polymer coating system
  • Roof tile sealant and colour restoration product in a single treatment
  • Prevents blistering, delamination & premature adhesion failure
  • UV light resistant
  • Covers approximately 5-6 m≤ per litre
  • Designed for a 10-year life

Kingfisher's Kolourseal Roof Paints are a range of advanced 10-year polymer roof coatings. They are developed specifically for painting and repairing roof tiles, roof sheets and other roofing materials. Kolourseal roof paint acts as a roof tile sealant and colour restoration product in a single treatment, repairing and protecting roof tiles. Formulated using premium grade UV light-fast dyes, Kolourseal re-seals porous clay and concrete roof tiles. It adds spectacular depth of colour to all kinds of roofing materials including concrete, clay, cement fibre and asbestos cement.

As roof tiles get older, they can start to look dull and tired. Our Flexible Roof Coating will enhance the life of your roof tiles, roof sheets and other roofing materials. It will help to boost the colour of your roof, making them look like they have just been installed. With a wide range of colours available, we have every customer covered with this roof sealant.

The often bleak and bitter weather in Britain means that your roof tiles are continuously exposed. Usually by weather like rain, sleet snow and frost, especially in the winter and autumn months. This means that over time, your roof can become less water resistant, so algae, lichens and moss develop. This will ruin the appearance of your roof and could lead to leaking gutters. Thatís where our roof sealant comes in, protecting your roof to the highest standard.

Concrete and Clay Roof Tile Sealer

Developed at our Lakeland factory for the worst of the British climate, Kolourseal Roof Coatings are designed for a 10-year life and set new standards in severe weather protection. It should not be confused with cheaper roofing restoration products as we supply only the highest quality roof coating products.

Homeowners are constantly updating the appearance of their roof, so our coloured roof sealant and coatings are ideal. Our concrete and clay roof tile sealer is one of the cheapest methods of enhancing your roof, ensuring you donít need to replace your roof tiles.

As a clay tile sealer, the range of Flexible Roof Coatings we supply is second to none. Using a roof tile sealer means there is no need for a tear-off or removal cost, saving customers money. They can also help reduce future maintenance costs over the lifespan of the building. For more information on how the Kolourseal Flexible Roof Coating can help you, donít hesitate to contact us.

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